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Advantech is committed to providing long-term cooperation and reliable platform solutions that enable intelligent transportation systems in cities all over the world. With a decade of successful experience, especially in China, Advantech assists customers in building intelligent transportation infrastructure solutions with compact systems that are SAFE: Smart development & management such as Automatic Fare Collection(AFC), Accurate sensor data for real-time control, Fast forecasting to avoid traffic congestion, and Environmental protection for reduced traffic & carbon emissions.

Product Categories

  • Station Self-Service Controller

    Advantech’s Self-Service Controller ITA-1000 series supports Station Self-service System. As a rugged system with compact size, low power consumption, and fanless design, our controllers specialize in rich I/O with excellent maintainability. This helps self-service equipment to serve as stable, easily maintained systems, and not suffer from extreme temperature. Its lightweight, compact, and extraordinary mechanical aptitude features ensure best performance in Automatic Fare Collection, Self-service equipments and Kiosk applications.

  • Wayside Controller

    ITA-2000 Series are designed and function as front-end wayside controllers. Due to compliance with EN 50121-4, ITA-2000 series are the most suitable offerings in terms of wayside controllers for various systems including centralized traffic control (CTC), Automatic Train Control (ATC) and others. With EN 50121-4 compliance and development of rock solid Advantech systems and platforms, applications in wayside control are precisely monitored, delivering a more secure railway operating environment.

  • Traffic Management Controller

    Advantech Traffic Management Controllers are exclusively designed for multiple traffic management applications in road surveillance, Electronic Toll ITA-3000 Series are Advantech's product offerings that target for Road Surveillance application. With the trend of urbanization, the numbers of vehicles on the road are increasing which indicates the need for road surveillance in the city to keep it safe 24/7. Advantech ITA-3000 Series, with the feature of high performance and wide operating temperature, they will be the best offerings for traffic management systems.

  • Rolling Stock Controller

    ITA-5000 Series are Advantech's product offerings that specifically cater to rolling stock's application including passenger information system, broadcasting system a, surveillance system and so on. All ITA-5000 Series have met the requirement of EN 50155 and have employed M12 connectors to enhance shock and vibration resistance as the railway operates. ITA-5000 Series provide the best solution for rolling stock systems.

    • ITA-5231

      Intel® 6th Generation Core™ i Processor Fanless System; EN 50155 Complied Product for Railway Applications
    • ITA-5831

      Intel® 6th Generation Core™ i Processor Fanless System; EN 50155 Complied Product for Railway Applications
    • ITA-5710

      Intel® Atom D525 Fanless Compact System with 3 x M12 GigaLAN, 2 x M12 USB and Dual Display Fully compliant with EN 50155
    • ITA-5730

      Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ i Processor Fanless System for railway applications

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