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Advantech offers a complete range of 3U/6U CompactPCI products and VPX Products, and also provide customization services.

Product Categories

  • 6U CompactPCI

    Advantech offers 6U CompactPCI CPU Boards, rear transition modules and peripheral boards, and CPU boards can support PMC or XMC module.

    • CPU Boards

      Advantech's CompactPCI single board computers are available in many configurations. The boards range from high-performance CPU boards for mission-critical applications to more all-round processor boards for multi-purpose cross-industry applications. Our high-performance 6U CompactPCI boards feature the latest processor technologies with exceptional I/O expandability for acceleration and offload as well as graphics, networking and storage.
    • Carrier Boards

      Advantech provides a complete product line of 6U CPCI carrier boards for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) modules and extension modules for CPCI blades.
    • Rear Transition Boards

      Complete suite of rear transition boards for accessing the I/O interfaces of Advantech's CPU boards
  • 6U VPX

    VPX supports for switched fabrics over a new high speed connector and specifically targets defense applications

  • 3U CompactPCI

    Advantech offers 3U CompactPCI CPU boards, I/O boards, and also provide system integration services based on customized requirement.

    • CPU Boards

      Advantech’s 3U CompactPCI board are available in many configurations. The blades feature the latest processor based on Intel® Core™ , Xeon® or Atom™
    • Peripheral Boards

      Advantech provides a complete suite of 3U CPCI Peripheral card, via Ethernet, COM, CAN, DI/O bus. Please view products datasheet for your reference.
  • 3U VPX

    VPX supports for switched fabrics over a new high speed connector and specifically targets defense applications

  • CompactPCI Enclosures

    Advantech offers 3U, 4U height CompactPCI enclosures, like 3U 19’’ chassis with smart FAN, 4U height chassis for 6U CompactPCI boards.

    • for 6U CompactPCI

      Advantech 6U CompactPCI chassis are 4U enclosures hosting up to 8 slots, hot-swappable CPCI redundant power supplies and hot-swappable fan modules.
    • for 3U CompactPCI

      Advantech offers 3U or 4U height enclosure for 3U CPCI Boards, fan or fanless, with CPCI legacy backplane or CPCI plusIO backplane.
  • Other Peripherals

    Advantech offers PMC & XMC modules to expand the LAN connectivity of CPU boards, interfaces such as cooper or fiber.

    • PMC / XMC Modules

      Advantech PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) feature fiber or copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces; for XMC modules, low power, dual-port 10 GbE products are offered featuring Intel® Virtualization Technology for Connectivity
    • Alarm Modules

      Advantech provides alarm modules for CPCI peripheral boards with a proprietary form factor Chassis Management Module (CMM) to centralize management and alarm notification for system power supplies/ fans and single board operation status

Featured Highlights

  • CompactPCI Solutions

    CompactPCI Solutions

    Advantech has been a key player in CompactPCI development for well over a decade now, assisting rugged and industrial OEMs as well as telecom equipment manufacturers to design and integrate CompactPCI in their business and mission critical systems. Our broad selection of processing power and IO and our flexible approach to customization allow us to